Why Yelp is Important to Small Businesses

Yelp used to be a good part of a small businesses marketing plan. Now though, it’s a GREAT one! Earlier in the year, they made a deal to have listings appear in Yahoo search results as well as Google. If you’re like us, and everyone else on the planet, you live under the assumption that Google is the only(best) search engine out there and while thats a discussion for another day, people still use Yahoo. So much so that they actually beat Google in search traffic last year. We don’t think the actual numbers matter so much but the important thing to take from this is that people definitely use Yahoo, and having Yelp results on their searches makes having your business listed on Yelp that much more important!

Yelp is free for businesses, unless you want to run ads of course, but even with ads, you can set your budget and still make it very affordable. Yelp seems to vary in popularity depending on what city you are in. Lucky for us, Austin happens to be one of the most popular.

Bottom line is that Yelp is a priceless utility for a small businesses marketing plan. It’s probably the cheapest way out there to get traffic to your site and customers at your front door. Give us a call today at (512) 865-4221 and let us help set up a new Yelp page for your business or to configure your existing one.

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