What is Website Management?

We hear this question a lot and thought it would be helpful to talk about it. The term “website management” can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. Regardless of all the fine print, website management is extremely important for the health of your website. You go to the doctor to get checkups and you take your car to the mechanic to get inspected, just as you should have your website managed and monitored to make sure it is running as well as it can be.

So…what is Website Management?

Back End Support

Sometimes it is just about maintaining the back end system that runs the website. Making sure that the CMS (Content Management System) is up to date so that it runs as well as it can while remaining secure from threats. Scheduling, running and managing backups is another aspect that could fall into this area as well.

Content Management

Sometimes it is just about content management (text updates, new product listings, etc). Building new pages to help with keywords, highlight services your business offers or showcasing a new product could all fit into this category. Updating your blog as well as your social media, even though it is not on your site, will also fall into this category.

Your Own Web Guy!

Other times it is the equivalent of having a full time “web guy” on your staff that just handles anything and everything for you. This seems to be the most common perception and we totally understand why. It seems that more often than not people don’t really want to know all the little details, they just want it to work. Having a “web guy” means that ALL of your website pieces are being put in the correct spot and being done so by the same individual. This also makes it easier on you because you only have a single point of contact. This means you don’t need to know all the little details and if something comes up, you know exactly who to speak to!

Every website, like their respective businesses, is different. They all have special needs and concerns which is why some of these terms can get pretty vague. You will often see a choice of packages when looking into getting website management for your business. This doesn’t always work for most companies as you will end up paying for something you don’t need or having to forfeit something you do need as it isn’t available in the package that otherwise fits you best. Be sure to look around and choose a company that best fits your needs or one that will build you a custom package to fit with your needs and your budget.