Our Favorite 2015 April Fools from the Tech World

Yesterday was April Fools as I’m sure you all know. It is a never ending assault of poorly planned and executed “jokes” for the most part but, like with everything, there were a few diamonds in the rough. Here are a few of our favorites from the tech world:

The Star of The Show: Google Brought Us Pacman

Not so much a joke here, but it is awesome and it reminds me of dumping quarters into the machine in the lobby of Marie Callendars in West LA growing up!

Selfie Shoes – Sadly, These Could Be a Reality

Better than a selfie stick??? It’s definitely not any worse…

Domino’s Rolled Out Driverless Delivery Vehicles

I would love to see these cruising down the street!

Galaxy BLADE edge: Chef’s Edition

I think this one is particularly awesome. I love the setup shot with the cutting board and just like the selfie shoes (#shoefies as we call them), I could actually see people getting on board with this.

Google Fiber Offered Us Dial Up Mode

I’m sure there’s a joke here from the AT&T Gigapower users.

SmartBox by Inbox

Done. Sold. Where do I pay?

Amazon Took Us Back to 1999

Not so much a joke as the site didn’t actually function but we really like how after a short time it faded into their current site. It made us think about when we all first got started fooling around with websites in the 90’s and how far they have come.

T-Mobile Pets Unleashed Let Our Pets Stay Connected

I would buy my dog a FitPet for sure. Especially if it had GPS!