E-mail Marketing Trends: Mobile is Taking Over

I don’t know if you’re like me, but if you are than you get the majority of your email on your phone. I don’t think it will ever fully replace it on my desktop as that’s much easier to organize all my work emails but it’s a rare day when I log in to Gmail instead of getting it on my phone. There is a great new article on the matter that was posted on Litmus earlier this week.


We’ve been tracking email opens for more than 4 years. And it’s incredible to see how behaviors have changed over time. Mobile email was barely a blip on our radars in 2011, and made up just 8% of email opens. Fast forward to 2014, and nearly half of emails are opened on smartphones and tablets—a 500% increase in four years.

That’s quite the increase if you ask me! With phones surgically attached to peoples hands these days, it only makes sense. The real question is, does your e-mail marketing campaign function well on mobile devices?

Over time, desktop email has slowly been replaced by mobile and web apps. Businesses are shifting email away from expensive desktop suites and moving to scalable services like Outlook 365 and Google Apps. And people everywhere—both in business and consumer settings—have been steadily opening more email on mobile.

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