6 Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your Yelp Business Profile

We’ve talked about Yelp in the past and now we want to go over how to quickly and easily improve your business page. A lot of these may seem like common sense but its shocking how often these are overlooked!

6 Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your Yelp Business Profile

1. Overall Accuracy

This is probably the most important. After all, if your phone number or website is wrong how can your customers find you? It may seem very obvious and you’re right… it really is. That still doesn’t stop people from skipping over it. It shouldn’t take very long so go do it! After you finish reading this blog of course.

2. A Good Description

Make sure your description is accurate and actually talks about what you do, offer or sell, especially with service based businesses. A lot of service based businesses will change their main areas of emphasis as they grow and find their customer base (speaking from experience here!) so you want to make sure that you’re not highlighting something that you no longer offer. This is also a good place to throw in some of your keywords in a real natural way. Don’t bombard it, but it never hurts to put your top 2 or 3 in there.

3. Those Awful Pictures

This kind of goes hand in hand with #2. Let’s say you own a restaurant and you took a photo of your new menu items for the holiday season. Well…it’s not Christmas time anymore so you might want to take those down and put up your new new items. You don’t want to have customers come in that want to try a dish you no longer make. That could get them to think poorly of you before they even try your other food and they could even leave a bad review.

4. Interaction

We all know that Yelp is all about the reviews. We also all know that they’re not always good reviews. The best thing you can do when you get an unsavory review is to take a step back, read it without getting all fired up and then politely and professionally respond to it and offer a good solution. Back to the restaurant scenario: John Doe came into your restaurant and was furious that his iced tea only had 7 ice cubes. That may sound ridiculous (because it is) but I’ve personally seen some really, really ridiculous reviews on Yelp from people and seeing this wouldn’t shock me. All you need to do is let John know that you’re very sorry his tea wasn’t as expected and that next time he comes in, his tea and 8 or more ice cubes will be on the house. While you won’t want to do this if John didn’t like how his filet mignon was cooked, you can easily afford to give an iced tea away to get someone back in the door. You can’t please everyone, but getting in contact with a customer that leaves a bad review and trying to convert them to a happy customer is definitely something you should be doing. Even if someone leaves a great remark you can take the time to thank them. A little disclaimer here: don’t do that on all of them. I’m pretty sure Yelp won’t like that but its a good idea to do every once in awhile.

5. Your Map

First off, we have a bone to pick with Yelp on this one. Like so many of our clients, we don’t have an actual office or store front that we can invite our clients to so it gets tricky when it comes to a location. We don’t understand why Yelp won’t implement something like a “service area” for local businesses that don’t have a brick and mortar location. That being said, if you do have a location, make sure it is accurately marked on the map. You can drag and drop the marker under your ‘Business Information’ tab if it needs a little tweaking. If you move it a little farther than they would like, Yelp will make you contact them to adjust it. While you’re talking to them, let them know how great it would be to add a “service area” feature!

6. Correct Categories

You own a restaurant. You don’t want to be in the plumbers section. Again, we know this is obvious and its not so much being in a wrong category as it is taking advantage of the fact that you might belong in more than one. Don’t just pick one and be content! You’re allowed up to 3 so double check and make sure you’re not missing out on another category that your business fits into. A lot of Yelp users will just search by category to see what is near them. Give yourself a fighting chance by making sure you are listed in ALL the categories you belong in.

There you have it… 6 Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your Yelp Business Profile. Make these changes today and get your business Yelp page working for you!

Need a hand with your Yelp page? Just drop us a line and we’ll be more than happy to take a look at it for you at no cost to you!