4 Reasons Your Website Needs an Update – Part 4: Your Blog

Reason #4

Your Blog

…or lack thereof… We think the word “blog” has a fairly poor reputation and by the basic definition, we can say we’re not a big fan of them either. For a business though, it is a free, easy way to build up content on your website in a legitimate way that will engage your customers and clients. Search engines love everything about them (keywords, images, unique page links, etc) and you should really be taking advantage of it!

Its a great way to highlight new products or services, inform your customers of services they might not have known you handled and more.

Lets say you own a liquor store. You may have a page that lists some of the whiskey you offer but you’re not going to build a unique page for each and every type. A blog post is a great way to snap a quick picture of the new small batch bourbon you just got in and do a quick write up about it. It can be short and sweet and you can do that for all of the new products you get in! Tie it into your social media and with one blog post, you can reach all of your Facebook and Twitter followers to let them know you now carry Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch(our personal favorite at the moment, just for the record) without having to dedicate a menu link to it.

A blog can be a quick and easy way to inform your customers of valuable information and you should be taking advantage of it!

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