4 Reasons Your Website Needs an Update – Part 3: Social Media

Reason #2

Social Media

Social Media has really changed recently. We’re way past the days of Myspace, which is surprisingly still hanging around. Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter carry a lot of weight these days and their advertising systems are pretty impressive. The main factor in your businesses social media presence is posting. You need to post, post and then post some more. Posting helps increase engagement with your customers or clients and also gives new content for the search engines. With the big social media sites holding so much weight with search engines and referrals it only makes sense to stay active on them to help drive traffic to your website and keep your business right in the face of your customers.

While posting is key, there are a lot of other factors that come into play with social media. Keeping a consistent flow of content that actually applies to what you do, sell or offer is the key. Not every post has to be all about business, but every post should relate to your company in some way. Utilizing social media is a good way to draw traffic to very specific spots on your site or to highlight products and services that your customers didn’t know you offered. Along with a consistent flow of accurate posts and updates comes keywords and hashtags. Take advantage and use those to really target specific terms that your customers are searching for. Being real vague or broad won’t really help all that much so drill down and try new ones often.

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